Terms & Conditions 

Legal definitions
  1. "Adultsite Ranking", as referred to in this document shall mean: AdultSiteRanking.com or AdultsiteRanking.net.

  2. "The Website", as referred to in this document shall mean: AdultSiteRanking.com or AdultsiteRanking.net.

  3. "User", as referred to in this document shall mean: someone who accesses and sees the web pages of Adultsite Ranking.

  4. "Member", as referred to in this document shall mean: a subscriber who has joined Adultsite Ranking with a valid username and password.

Acceptance of Terms
  1. Adultsite Ranking displays the warning message on the default page of the website at http://adultsiteranking.com/ and http://adultsiteranking.net/ for visitors of the website, and a user must read the warning messages and agree the conditions to enter.

  2. Acceptance of this website's Terms, Policies and Guidelines is a condition of use for this website. This acceptance must be required before accessing the website by user and joining the website as a member.

  1. Adultsite Ranking offers a so-called website review service that includes reviewing, ranking, and listing internet adult websites.

  2. The services of Adultsite Ranking is 100% free not requiring a fee or a charge for users to use.

  3. Adultsite Ranking reserves the right to accept or deny linking a website, and the reviewing and ranking a website is solely subjective decision of Adultsite Ranking without interference by any other party.

  4. Adultsite Ranking is not responsible for the linked websites. AdultSiteRanking.com only offers the information about the linked websites to users but does not operate the adult sites that are listed thus, we may not be held accountable for their actions, policies or contents.

  5. AdultSiteRanking.com does NOT link a website which contains any content of child pornography, real incest, bestiality, drug use, criminal activity, and discrimination except literary writings and pictorial arts.

Member Services
  1. Adultsite Ranking offers the three membership services for a regular member, reviewer, and webmaster membership.

  2. Each membership has the specified service for a privilege limited and offered by Adultsite Ranking.

  3. An individual who wants to become a regular member, a reviewer, or a webmaster member of Adultsite Ranking, must follow the guidelines of joining on the website.

  4. Name, email address, and date of birth are required to submit for becoming a regualr member, and the submitted information must be true. If a member submits wrong information intentionally or by mistake and we find the fact, the membership is not authorized.

  5. Adultsite Ranking does never release member's membership information to anyone, any organization, or 3rd party.

Termination and Cancellation
  1. A member can cancel the membership at any time by the guideline of membership cancellation on the website.

  2. Adultsite Ranking reserves the right to deny the subscription of whom interrupts the intended operation of Adultsite Ranking at any time.

  3. Adultsite Ranking reserves the right to terminate a membership without notification.

  4. Member's membership information is deleted from the database of the website immediately when a member's cancellation is done.

  1. A user accepts full responsibility for all activity when using the services of the website. While AdultSiteRanking.com exerts a reasonable effort to screen and/or delete inappropriate comments and remarks, it must be understood that we cannot be held accountable for the actions of each user.

  2. It must be understood that Adultsite Ranking and its services are offered AS-IS and there is no guarantee or warranty stated or implied. While every effort is maintained to prevent it, we cannot be held responsible for temporary or permanent loss of service or data.

Revision of Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Guidelines
  1. AdultSiteRanking.com reserves the right to modify this Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Guidelines at any time for any reason. As soon as Adultsite Ranking modifies any part of them, it is notified on the website for users to see. Users must review periodically the Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Guidelines so that they must be aware of any changes.